2002-07-02 20:58:26 ET

We never made it to warped tour... a bunch of strange events kept happening... First Amanda had to do stuff.. so we planed on being late... Well brenna was already upset cause her best frend since 6th grade was being desetful... ok so she missed her favorite bands because amanda had to take her placement test for college.. then Brenna and I were sitting in the heat for 2 hours and we got really sick feeling... hum... then she wanted to go home... So bre called her boyfriend... and he was going to drive 3 hours just to pick her up at Our aunts house... ok... so we droped her off at my aunts house... So amanda and I set off to the show... and the fucking weirdest thing happenens...
The back window of her car flew out.. it just fell out... The glue melted and the window was gone... just gone... so we pulled over and called my aunt... and her and brenna came and rescued us on the side of the road... so yeah we just came home... It was just a big omen, that we were not ment to go to the concert... Hum.. so we are all three out 32 bucks.. but you know what it was quite a day!!

2002-07-02 21:02:58 ET

thats some bull shit.... sounds to me like amanda is at fault!!

2002-07-02 21:03:46 ET

How is that... I mean the window flew off..

2002-07-02 21:06:17 ET

well, ever thing that caused you to be late originated from her, the test wanting to go home, driving around, you guys had a consert to go to and she is wasting your time with ther stuff!!

2002-07-02 21:08:26 ET

no bre wanted to go home... she had to do stuff... that was first.. then the concert... but you know.. yeah...

2002-07-02 21:17:52 ET

Sorry you guys missed it. Wish I could have been in on the excitment.

Weird about the window. I wouldn't call it an omen, though; I'd call it Phoenix heat.

2002-07-02 21:21:54 ET

yeah.. still not supposed to happen... i mean it was already cooled down.. and the glue is supposed to hold up in extreme heat... it sucked... but yea.. i wanted you to be there... :(.. well we just HAVE to go to Ozzfest now dont we!

2002-07-02 21:22:35 ET

YES! Ozzfest, here we come!

2002-07-02 21:24:29 ET

YAY... cause me and amanda are gunna start planing it now.. :) cause we did not plan this one very well.. :( but you know

2002-07-02 21:35:43 ET

well, Dad supposedly got me tix to one of the shows in Cali, but if not, Phoenix will have one. :-D

2002-07-03 12:19:06 ET

Yeah i know.. YAY.. we must do it:)

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