2002-07-03 18:57:53 ET

Hum. YAY... I am so bored. I want to just off the roof. Cause its only a one story house so all that will happen is a few bruises.... so that would not be fun cause I dont have a parachute so I cant go parasailing. YAY. I want to. From the back of a jeep or something, that could be fun. I like fun. Hum… I am bored out of my mind.. J yay.. it is no fun bing bored.. Hum.. really it is not… I don’t know what else to say…
Being grounded sucks..

2002-07-04 08:02:54 ET

being broken sucks!

2002-07-04 09:16:08 ET

I figured...

2002-07-05 06:51:33 ET

this damn shoe is getting on my nerves...ugh...I'm getting frustrated

2002-07-05 10:36:30 ET

i bet.. so wednesday wheni am un grounded.. do you want me to kidnap will and bring him to your house?

2002-07-05 14:12:06 ET

yes...that would be nice...I'm stuck in this fucking house for "a few days" by my dad's rules...this fucking sucks

2002-07-05 21:33:20 ET

Yeah.. i bet.. what did Doc. Leapold (sp) say?

2002-07-06 08:53:33 ET

he said that I could stick with the shoe but he was going to talk to a orthopedict surgeon just in case....its gonna talk 3-6 weeks to heal....:(

2002-07-06 09:30:49 ET

Yeah i know...

2002-07-06 09:33:50 ET

I want to see people today....I wish my dad would let me out of the house....I would go over there....I still need to get pictures....and I want to do it before will leaves...damnit

2002-07-06 09:34:52 ET

Yeah.. dammit.. yes..

2002-07-06 09:47:22 ET

damnit damnit damnit.......damnit as fuck

2002-07-06 09:50:12 ET

damn damn double damn

2002-07-06 10:04:58 ET


2002-07-06 10:06:54 ET


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