Fun fun
2004-03-10 09:57:49 ET

ready for battle Capin'

just me

Banwagon here I COME!!

2004-03-10 11:17:19 ET

Heheh I like the top one.

2004-03-11 06:26:06 ET

Where in the hell do you guys make those things??????

2004-03-12 08:15:13 ET

It's a really neat idea. Dollz!! Only .... just faces.

2004-03-13 11:59:44 ET

You have a billion picturesd of me, you, Dawn, Atina, Chris, all of us, etc that I DON'T. You're still supposed to send them to me!!! I WANT THEM!

2004-03-16 19:12:25 ET

haha.. if i had time or a computer at home or the pictures on my computer at home i would.
i will get all the pics and send them to you soon though k.. i need to do it.. aaaaaaahhhhh....
Crystine: me too.. :) always fun..
Other Crys: i got it off Crystine's page.

Kris: yes yes it is..

2004-04-05 07:01:06 ET


2004-04-06 15:48:00 ET


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