2002-07-04 19:42:24 ET

Pretty pretty fire works... just got home from them!! YAY... it was weird.. usually we go as a family, but it was just my dad and I this year... but it was still fun.. :) we talked about science as usual cause thats just what we talk about ... and life... which is just great.. My dad is a wise man.. he helps with junk that i need help on.. and yeah science is great

2002-07-05 07:08:35 ET

I wanted to go see the fireworks but I'm not allowed out of the house right now...:(...were they good? long? boring? what? tell me tell me

2002-07-05 10:27:54 ET

They were short.. but really pretty.. :)

2002-07-05 10:47:55 ET

remeber that little blue flashing light we saw at your house atina, well guess who it was? it was craig... lol. he was telling me about it, he said the cops came to see what it was!!!

2002-07-05 10:53:10 ET

thats funny

2002-07-05 14:14:59 ET

wow...that's great...I'm so fucking bummed out...someone come save me...please...bound and gag my dad and steal me...please..I'm sorry I'm not more enthusiatic about that will but I'm just not in a great mood right now

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