2002-07-05 21:51:41 ET

Any way.. hum.. Yes i am just as bored as can be... I just finished a can of cherry coke.. yum.. hum.. I have to clean my room.. Moving soon.. in like 20 days.. I need to pack.. but first the room must be clean.. then i will pack my books.. and then other junk.. yes .. books first though.. i have alot of them.. then my nicnacks.. and then cloths cause i need stuff to wear till i move... Then i will pack them.. load crap on to a van or truck or what ever the hell we are moving our junk to our new house in.... and move there.. and get cds and steiro unpacked asap.. cant live with out music... YAY..
I need a boifriend... or a boi toy.. but i want love i guess.. and i have never felt that not really.. i mean i am in love with bradley but he left me.. here in this hell hole of a town.. i miss him

2002-07-05 22:13:45 ET

naw...dont miss him...just get a lover, one that will just be there to have fun with you...hmmm I myself do not want a boyfriend right now...they have expended all of my energy...sigh...they can be great but then again...out of all of them only one is not an asshole...go figure...I am packing my things as well for when I go back up to college

2002-07-05 22:20:28 ET

yeah.. lover sounds good.. hum.. yes.. good idea.. yeah off to college for me too

2002-07-06 08:58:33 ET

so many many people leaving...*sigh*

2002-07-06 09:27:53 ET


2002-07-06 12:35:07 ET

I forbid you to leave.

2002-07-06 15:02:53 ET

forbid who to leave??

2002-07-06 15:37:15 ET


2002-07-06 15:43:30 ET

really?? wow.. **feels special**.. but where am i gunna stay?

2002-07-06 18:48:20 ET

I need to start packing sometime too...

2002-07-06 18:50:31 ET

Where ya goin?

2002-07-06 23:53:48 ET

Boston for college. Never gonna happen.. 2 months.. so far...

2002-07-07 07:57:06 ET

things will be better in tucson for u..

2002-07-07 08:34:40 ET

Yeah i know.. Yes.. thanks bre

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