That was interesting
2002-07-06 12:23:50 ET

you're the devil. sort of. i mean, you live in heck. and torment people. hehe. go you.

Take the test, by Emily.

2002-07-06 12:34:53 ET

I messed with it forever, I just couldn't get Rocko...

2002-07-06 15:02:17 ET

hum.. i wonder why?

2002-07-06 16:24:42 ET

*crys* it said im heffer ;_; i dont wanna be a heffer

2002-07-06 16:33:03 ET

oh.. i am sorry...

2002-07-06 16:59:18 ET

Pixie Flame: You're an SV kid? I have to add you to the list...

2002-07-06 17:01:16 ET

i am just peachy to.

2002-07-06 17:18:18 ET

ah.. :) arnt we grand

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