If life doesnt kill you THE WORLD WILL!!!
2002-07-06 18:38:33 ET

Wellnow.. here i am at home as usual.. As soon as i am ungrounded I will have a life again. I am so broed its not even funny.. oh god Bring it on is one stupid yet strangly intrancing movie.. What is with that.. hum..
War, torture and shit going on in the world.. hum.. Yeah.. I am so sick of people think ing they are better then everyone else.. No one is really better than anybody.. hum.. we are all made up of the same carbon based material.. Wow.. Humm.. hehe..
I dont know what i am saying.. GAH!!

2002-07-07 08:35:29 ET

some people are better than others. just nobody knows how to sort them.

2002-07-07 08:36:50 ET


2002-07-07 08:42:53 ET

does that mean you agree...that some people are better and worthier of much more than others...that some people are better than you and that you are better than others?

2002-07-07 08:47:41 ET

No... It means some people have better morals or ethics.. But are not completely better for that reason.. Some people are more deserving but not in entirety better than a person that deserves less... It has everything to do with how you live and the way you treat other people...

2002-07-07 08:51:58 ET

nobody is better then anyone else...crystal's right...

2002-07-07 08:52:42 ET


2002-07-07 08:54:12 ET

*pats crys on the head* good crystal...

2002-07-07 08:59:11 ET

:O) YAY!!

2002-07-07 09:00:30 ET


2002-07-07 09:42:28 ET


2002-07-07 15:02:13 ET

how do you define better? is it that they live life in a way that they deserve more out of it? if that is so then the people that deserve more are better people, and the people that deserve less are lesser people. some are "better" than others. i see this as a fact. the only thing i have a problem with is who deserves more than who, because the only way to judge anything is to be outside the thing you are judging. i can't take myself out humankind to judge so therefor i leave it to karma to decide. it's a bitch ain't it.

2002-07-07 15:17:26 ET

People who live there lives, as Good people, they help others in a way that they deserve more but it dosent make them a better person for it.. they are still made up of the same chemical carbon based material... They are better in a sence that they live better..
People who live poorly my deserve more then some one who is wealthy but the wealthy person may not nessaseraly be a better person but they do have more because of what they do..

2002-07-07 15:24:53 ET

describe how a person can be a better person. in my mind it means that they deserve more than someone else who is then a lesser person. then describe how any living person or anybody on this planet has a right to be a judge of anybody else. in order to judge anything you have to completly seperate yourself from it and look at it from a completly neutral standpoint. i can't do that and i don't know of anyone who can because we are human and we cannot judge ourselves.

2002-07-07 16:09:41 ET

no one is better then anyone else...some people deserve more then others...there is no better or lesser person on this planet...right now you are just jabbering on about nothing...there are good people and there are bad people...some people deserve more then others depending on the way they live there life....a bad person could change their ways and end up being a good person...so when they were bad they didn't deserve anything...but when they turned good and started doing good things they deserved more...there is no such thing as a good or bad person...

2002-07-07 16:15:30 ET

better person = deserving more than others
you did say that some people do deserve more than others. and you did say that some people do deserve less than others. it all depends on how they live there life. (good, bad, better, worse, more deserving, or less it is all the same)

2002-07-07 16:18:19 ET

but no one is better then everyone else...some people deserve more then others yes but no one is better and no one is worse...and no its not all the same

2002-07-07 16:19:34 ET

what is the difference then?

2002-07-07 19:19:05 ET

Well In life we all get eventually what we deserve... you say we cant judge ourselves... I am my biggest judge.. and my worst critic... I hate almost everything about me, i change it and hate it just the same.. but that does not make me any less than any one else.. we are all the same, with diffrent morals and beliefs of how life should be lived... Living better off (not being better)as we do amanda, does that make us better than lets say Will ??? i dont think so.. he is not a good person but i am not better than him.. we are all made of the same.. we are human, we have errors in everything from what we look like to how we act.. we are far from perfect and everyone has flaws as such..
We are thesame as everyone else.. but even if i become rich and help everyone else.. does that make me better than some one who is rich and helps no one but him/her self??

2002-07-07 19:44:13 ET

if you look at everything with situations of everyday people then yeah it is hard to judge. but take things in the extremes, so mother teresa is no better a person than hitler. everyone is equal right. there is no good or bad. put them into the equation of "No one is really better than anybody".

2002-07-07 19:48:19 ET

i will agree with that... but i will go as far as to say that .. Mother Teresa is a better person than hitlar... but they are the same because they are human

2002-07-07 19:56:43 ET

ok, then you must agree that some people are better than others. that's just the fuck of it. it's just no use trying to treat people like they are higher or lower than you. nobody can really tell who is better than who in real life. sure we are made up of the same stuff, but so are monkeys. i just say treat everybody equally and not to judge them.

2002-07-07 20:00:52 ET

If no one can tell then no one is better.. because a better person would be able to tell... .. in the end i guess we will all know eh... Hey i would treat monkeys as equals.. because we are very simmilar in the Brain area...

2002-07-07 20:03:14 ET

invite one to dinner then, or go on a date with one. you will see wich one you like 'better'

2002-07-07 20:05:11 ET

Gah you just cant be wrong can you.. People judge every day.. and i dont want to.. i only judge my self.. People are people.. we are all self distructive creatures who are killing ourselve with our own need for dominations and more and improved things....

2002-07-07 20:12:08 ET

your right. humans by nature are judgemental creatures. in general they will always judge and fear to be judged themselves. i wasn't talking about human nature i was giving my idealistic, philosopical view point that doesn't work. (except in my mind). i think it is a good theory, esp. on paper.

2002-07-07 20:15:46 ET

GOOD... cause yes it does work on paper.. but not in life.... Damn the world.. I dont understand why everyone is so judgemental.. gah and shit.. its just about shit today.. and how people can fit in.. fuck... and stuff.. :)

2002-07-07 20:19:40 ET

see...hehehe...i do good defending my point no, it work good like communism...communism work good if people were not greedy bastards...so it no worky cuz people are greedy ass-monkey-whipes...(funny how you agree with me when i say you right...no)...judging people is bad...i do it all the time...feel bad later...but still do it.

2002-07-08 06:08:42 ET

I dont agree.. but the idea does work on paper... but not in life... and yes i dont judge people...

2002-07-08 08:14:19 ET

everyone judges everyone....we all do it just sometimes we don't know it...

2002-07-08 12:24:01 ET

i dont really... I hate you and your monkey pants... LOL lov eyou tinner

2002-07-08 17:20:34 ET

I have monkey pants...??...

2002-07-08 17:27:21 ET

yes.. all your pants are monkey pants MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!

2002-07-08 17:28:37 ET

umm.....????????????......but where did the monkeys go then?

2002-07-08 20:58:19 ET

i choped them up in to little pices.. sewed them back together and sent them of for masterbation pets...

2002-07-08 21:03:08 ET

*whines* but they were mine...*crys*

2002-07-08 21:06:20 ET

fine i saved one **gives her the none chopped up monkey and does a dance**

2002-07-08 21:09:53 ET

yay...*grins and runs away with monkey in hand*

2002-07-08 21:10:31 ET

hehe.. i am glad you like the special monkey

2002-07-08 21:12:25 ET

*rocks back and forth on the ground with monkey in hand and hums to herself quietly*

2002-07-08 21:14:03 ET

**starts doing a dance to the humming of tinner**

2002-07-08 21:15:34 ET

*closes eyes and wonders to a different place still humming and listening to the dancing of crysie*

2002-07-08 21:20:11 ET

**followes, still dancing.. runs in to a wall**

2002-07-08 21:25:40 ET

*opens eyes, helps up crysie, and smiles slightly*

2002-07-09 08:30:21 ET

**mildly embarassed but still happy and gladlytakes atinas hand**

2002-07-09 09:42:28 ET

*takes crysie through a door that is supposed to lead to happiness but gets lost*

2002-07-09 11:59:35 ET

**finds a flashlight and leads the way**

2002-07-09 12:00:05 ET


2002-07-09 12:00:55 ET

**stays in the world of happy thoughts for life, with atina**

2002-07-09 12:01:35 ET

I feel special

2002-07-09 12:02:37 ET


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