Everything is changing every where i go
2002-07-07 19:34:03 ET

Well i am so Irritated with the world we live in.. Full of murder and rape... why are we our own distruction... ?? well living in a world where everyone is supposed to love thy neighbor it gets your hopes up as a kid.. i wish when your little your parents sat you down and said "honey the world is full of hate, and we enjoy it!".. it would be easier to realize when your young rather than get your hopes up and then just seeing the world you know.. its shit... and if you are told that early on then you would not have such a hard time when you find it out.. yeah it is great when your so small so nieve`.. but it fades in to a bitter bitter life that you must live inorder to get the hell out oneday..

2002-07-07 20:33:27 ET

"honey we need to have a talk. people are mean, manipulative, evil, and will want you only for your money, monkey love, or whatever else you have to give them. they will use you, then dump you like yesterdays trash.

(child looks about to cry)

"also growing up people will do horrible things. they will rape and murder. all over the world this happens. there is no safe place for you. when you think you are safe is when they will strike the hardest. it is a very cruell world and nobody can really get ahead. people are told to believe they can, but nobody really does. people will hate and dispise you all of your life for no reason at all,and any friends you have will probly talk mean things about you behind your back to make themselves feel better. there is no use in this life and everything is crap."

(child decides not to live anymore and jumps off a rocky ledge, killing himself. he brought the dog with him.)

"damn, i'll miss that dog"

2002-07-08 06:06:52 ET

ok.. i dont mean to that extent but at least we should learn more aobut it in school

2002-07-08 06:34:29 ET

life can be so mean

2002-07-08 07:08:42 ET

Yeah.. its a big pain in the rump.. but at least we live and let live..

2002-07-08 07:14:11 ET

i'm going to put my storie on my page k

2002-07-08 07:15:36 ET

ok.. :) its ok.. its funny...

2002-07-08 07:19:06 ET


2002-07-08 07:21:00 ET


2002-07-08 08:19:33 ET

its only bitter if you make it that way...if you live a happy life where you don't think about the world around you then you'll have a happy life

2002-07-08 12:23:12 ET

Your one to talk hum... **stares**

2002-07-08 12:41:21 ET

have you ever noticed how crys always gets the last post in...

2002-07-08 14:32:58 ET

Yes.. because its just like in conversations i have to get the last word

2002-07-08 17:22:16 ET

yeah well, talking's always good....*stares back*

2002-07-08 17:24:42 ET

**stares even more** i will never blinkk muahahahahahah

2002-07-08 17:25:46 ET

*stares more and meaner*.....wanna try me?

2002-07-08 17:26:23 ET

**stares more and even meaner than before*** ... bring it on!

2002-07-08 17:27:48 ET

*stares with evil glare*......you took my line fucker!!

2002-07-08 20:54:34 ET

**stares with the light of good**... i can kick you in the ass beiach

2002-07-08 20:55:46 ET

is that supposed to say god? *stares boredly* you've done that already...

2002-07-08 20:56:57 ET

not not god.. cause yeah..
**now stares deep with her soul**

2002-07-08 20:57:48 ET

I have no soul...*stares blankly*

2002-07-08 20:58:54 ET

**stares in to the once bright eyes and cries**

2002-07-08 21:03:57 ET

*stares at the now crying person blankly and wonders why*

2002-07-08 21:04:41 ET

**stares at the empty one, still crying.. but knows why she is empty**

2002-07-08 21:11:14 ET

*continues to stare blankly and continues to wonder*

2002-07-08 21:13:24 ET

*still stares, now not crying but wondering where the joy went**

2002-07-08 21:14:23 ET

*stares blankly* umm...explain?

2002-07-08 21:19:23 ET

*still stares**... well lately you have hand this blankness in your eyes... not yesterday.. i was happy because i could see you ... but i dont knoww.. i know its depression.. which sucks.. and yeah.. i love you so much you know

2002-07-08 21:23:33 ET

*stares without emotion for the first time* the blankness has always been there...just hidden well...its not depression...just me...in another place...a place that.....is hard to describe...but it lets me escape...a place that I have been all my life...even before everything happened...I'm alive for the first time because I have become what I am deep down inside and its something that non of you know.....but its who I am...

2002-07-09 08:29:11 ET

you need the emotion.. and no your not empty in side... you are full of life and well you may have just been putting that up as a front.. you are still and always will be my little sister... i love you more then you an eve know..

2002-07-09 09:43:27 ET

*stares blankly*

2002-07-09 11:58:45 ET

no more staring... i see you.. and i will always see you

2002-07-09 12:00:35 ET

ha...I win

2002-07-09 12:01:39 ET

well i did not say i stoped staring... **still sees you throught your blank stares** but yeah

2002-07-09 12:02:36 ET

*continues to stare* but they're blank...what do you see?

2002-07-09 12:03:18 ET

I see you **still staring** thats what i will always see

2002-07-09 12:03:52 ET

*still staring* what is me?

2002-07-09 12:06:02 ET

**still staring deep** you are the girl i have known for 4 years who loves me and my family

2002-07-09 19:41:44 ET

you are right about two things...I do love you and I do love your family but I am not what you think...I am not the girl you've known for 4 years...that wasn't me...that was a mask...on a side note: its times like these I hate my fucking dad...

2002-07-09 20:33:11 ET

Life is fine when you learn to control it. I think I'm finally starting to pick it up. It is quite possible. One must choose to continue learning and growing and becoming SUPERIOR. Plan it out and break it down.

2002-07-09 20:36:04 ET

very informative there andy...

2002-07-09 20:42:24 ET

I can't tell you any more, it's different for everybody. You'll learn or you will die powerless.

2002-07-09 20:43:35 ET

well thanks...

2002-07-09 20:47:02 ET

Hey, you've got nothing to worry about if you just don't give up.

2002-07-09 21:03:20 ET

Tinna... I know what was a mask and what was not... And yes your dad is the reason for the glow being gone... I love you.. and yes.. hum.. you have been quite the fasaud... but i knew it.. i see through it, and always have

2002-07-10 10:02:12 ET

my dad isn't the reason for the glow being gone...I was mad at him last night because he was yelling at me to clean the fish tank like he actually cares...believe what you want...I can't change your mind...

2002-07-10 21:14:43 ET

nope you cant.. but you know what.. i wish you would or could come live with us in tucson

2002-07-11 14:39:41 ET

yeah...that'd be nice...I'm gonna be sick...

2002-07-11 18:25:45 ET

sick? why?

2002-07-11 19:34:46 ET

I have a sinking feeling in my gut...

2002-07-12 13:15:27 ET

ah.. thats nice

2002-07-12 13:45:18 ET

so wonderful...*rolls eyes*

2002-07-12 16:21:33 ET

I know.. i am sorry sweetie... i love you i do..

2002-07-12 16:42:57 ET

sorry for what?

2002-07-13 08:53:00 ET

for the sarcasim..

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