So Be It
2004-05-28 09:14:58 ET

Well life has been, lets say, interesting. Hard, but interesting none the least, hey that’s life, Right? I don’t know really. I lost my job; I was “let go” as my boss put it. Well fuck that and fuck him woo hoot. I am moving back down to Tucson, mostly because I am tired of the sloppiness of Amanda and her boyfriend. Bah! He doesn’t even live there and he is going to be there ‘till after father’s day. So I am moving back to Tucson, plus I miss my folks a lot. And truth be-told, its better here then there, except that Tempe has a torrid and Tucson doesn’t but I will live. I AM GOING BACK TO SCHOOL. YAY, I am going to get an apartment by myself, I have never lived by myself, always had a roommate or two. It should be interesting. So, I need to go visit Rikki, I miss her more than I can put to words. And I want to go visit Ryan because it would be so much fun, to randomly go and met some one. And Jessica, i love her and i miss her. Well when I can think of more to say I will post again. I love and miss you all,

2004-05-28 10:24:09 ET

living on your, wow i think that would be great.
you can do what ever you want like walk around naked whenever, or
be as loud as you want, and so on.

2004-05-28 10:40:18 ET

i haven't been around a lot lately... i wish ya the best of luck with the move... hope everything works out good... \m/

2004-05-28 15:05:14 ET

Hey! I love you. Goodluck living alone. I'd say come out here and get a place with me but I'm in a lease and its far away and stuff like that.

2004-05-28 19:21:11 ET

I would in a heart beat if i could ryan. I want you to know that.

Yes. thank you dan. hum.. everyone should be around more. I mean i am like never around any more.

Tank you James. It will be fun. but i am not sure i would walk around naked though.

2004-05-28 20:15:48 ET

Interesting is good. I'm happy for you! Stuff...

2004-06-01 08:45:06 ET

YES! bACK TO SCHOOL!!!!!!!! *does a jig for your brain*

2004-06-05 13:47:36 ET


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