2002-07-09 18:52:05 ET

My best friend is leaving on friday... she dosent know when she will be back.. but before she is back i will have moved.. :( i am going to miss her so much.. and if i dont get to keep in touch with her.. i will never leave my house.. i will just cry.. I love her so much.. but she does need to do this...

2002-07-10 09:23:31 ET

sometimes people have to go and move on. it's part of life crys. if it makes you feel better, i'll miss her to.

2002-07-10 21:12:50 ET

it does.. really.. i am glad that i will never loose touch with either of you

2002-07-10 22:22:16 ET


2002-07-11 18:25:11 ET

cause i am gunna miss you like crazy

2002-07-12 08:47:51 ET

i'll miss you too...

2002-07-12 13:14:58 ET

;) yay

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