2002-07-10 21:18:07 ET

YAY!! i got a tattoo.. not my spider yet.. but i got a best friends thing with Jessica.. this way we will never forget eachother... it is a little star... sort of like a pentical.. but its not quite... I am excited... as soon as i get pictures i will put them up so you all can see.. its so pretty.. its a little one about the size of a halfdollar.. maybe a little smaller.. but its so pretty and cute.. YAY.. ok jess is still leaving on friday.. i will miss her terribly... Love you all

2002-07-10 22:27:40 ET

smile...pretty like

2002-07-11 18:24:45 ET


2002-07-11 20:45:19 ET

thanks crys...you've made my day...I'm sorry to say, and maybe I should have said something the other day, BUT I am a little upset...just a little...and don't get mad at me...but you told me...kinda promised but told me that you would take me to see will before he left...well he's gone now and I didn't get the chance to see him...its not that I was mad about you not taking me...cause honestly I wasn't really wanting you too cause it took time out of your schedule...but it made me upset that you told me you would and then you didn't...you told me you would crystal...and then you blew me off...and I do understand that you want to spend time with jessica and I don't mind that...but think about it this way...she leaves friday...will left today...and I'm not trying to be mean or anything...but it just made me upset and I thought I'd let you know...

2002-07-12 06:32:53 ET

where did you get the tatoo??

2002-07-12 13:14:40 ET

I got it on my shoulder... its really cute...my sister works at the tattoo parlor.. she is a peircer thought.. but yeah it was cool

2002-07-12 13:47:03 ET

I want to see it...

2002-07-12 16:20:57 ET

Ok.. even though your mad at me?

2002-07-12 16:45:04 ET

I'm not mad at you...I was upset...I'm over it.....so...GET YOUR ASS OVER HERE AND LET ME SEE IT!!!! you think I'm kidding?.....

2002-07-13 08:17:16 ET

put your shoulder on a scanner blag

2002-07-13 08:34:29 ET

Ok.. i have a picture....

2002-07-13 19:14:12 ET

It is not as cool as Fritos and Bruce Campbell combined, but it could take them on one at a time. :-)

2002-07-13 20:46:44 ET

i am cooler than fritos and brice campbell combined.. so yeah.. my tattoo is even cooler than that

2002-07-13 21:09:11 ET

yeah...you just keep telling yourself that crystal...mmhmm...*rolls eyes*

2002-07-13 21:10:20 ET

I love the tatoo...its simplistic but awesome...its cool...I want a small shamrock for my shoulder

2002-07-14 04:11:15 ET

Anyone who honestly believes they are better than Bruce Campbell and Fritos combined needs to see a shrink. :-P

2002-07-14 10:25:20 ET

I agree with ya rikki...

2002-07-14 12:29:50 ET

Hey i see two.. and yeah.. bruce campbell is OLD NOW so ha

2002-07-14 12:30:47 ET

so...old doesn't matter...he's still cool...

2002-07-14 12:31:34 ET

He is no new hottness.. but yes he is Old hottness. and yea he is cool

2002-07-14 12:32:39 ET

so ha....you agree...

2002-07-14 12:34:10 ET

yes.. but i am a NEW HOTTNESS.. so yeah.. He is not quite old and busted.. but you know.. he is cool.. but he did some stupid shit.. like that Jack of all trades..

2002-07-14 12:35:39 ET

hey I thought that show was funny...yes your are A new hottness but not like him...no way

2002-07-14 12:37:07 ET

YAY.. :)

2002-07-14 12:38:45 ET

haha...its raining...yay....thunder...heh...hey is daja there by any chance?

2002-07-14 12:40:06 ET

Yeah.. she is..

2002-07-14 12:41:24 ET

hey can you get on msn? you or her anyway...?

2002-07-14 12:43:26 ET


2002-07-14 12:46:22 ET


2002-07-14 20:18:01 ET


2002-07-15 06:55:29 ET

-has a tattoo just like that- hehehe..

2002-07-15 06:55:54 ET

you two. Bah. I feel left out! :-p

2002-07-15 06:58:47 ET

We'll all get one soon... I already have a design for my next one.. -laughs-

2002-07-15 07:07:59 ET

and then me and Crys need one and me and you. That's 3 just for you two. :-P

2002-07-15 09:44:09 ET

:) yay.. i love you guys.. :)

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