2004-07-26 08:33:23 ET

My rat is dying. :(
Im going to cry..
It will be with in a few days if not by tonight.
At least i can make him comfortable so he wont be in pain.
I dont want him to die.. But he is three years old. so its his time.

2004-07-26 08:37:44 ET

Oh no! how do you know he's dying?

2004-07-26 08:54:16 ET

thats sad, but hes pretty old for a rat. they are such sweet little critters.

2004-07-26 10:44:40 ET

Well he is getting weezy which usually is phnomona which is the #1 thing they die of after two years of age.
and he is acting like my last rat when he died.. In 98...

Fuchsia:yeah. truthfully they rarely live past two years, they geniticly bread them not to.. its sad really.
they are sweet..

2004-07-26 11:15:58 ET

I'm sorry. :(

Poor little sweetie.

2004-07-26 11:47:07 ET

awwww i 'm sorry too. he's such a cutie.

2004-07-26 12:53:15 ET

i'm sorry hun :(
I remember I had a rat when I was little.. he ate popcorn and purred. Yes, I seem to collect the strange pets.

2004-07-26 13:21:50 ET

He is my forth rat i have ever had..
such a sweet heart.
likes to stay in his cage
hates baths
love strawberries and carrots
and when i get him out of his cage he likes to curl up under my hair and sleep

2004-07-26 13:28:03 ET

heee.. i love little things and hair. my can sucks on my hair (i think it's a nursing thing, she thinks i'm her mum) and eats manderine oranges... weirdo

.. my arm is sticky

does he like showers then?

2004-07-26 18:18:42 ET

awww. thats the best thing to do.

2004-07-26 19:04:29 ET

<3 Quake.

2004-07-31 10:22:47 ET

Now is the time to be happy, you know he's had a good life because you've treated him well. I hope you find something pretty to bury him in :)

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