2004-08-02 16:12:51 ET

My rat is not dead. :)
he seems to be getting better since i put him in a much warmer room..
he is still sick, probably phnomona. but he is getting better ish..
he has his energy back. woot.
I am going to Job Corps in the morning for the tour.
woo hoo.
things may just work out for me.

2004-08-02 16:28:43 ET

Job Corps is evil. :-/

2004-08-02 17:09:42 ET

why do you say that?

2004-08-02 18:52:35 ET


2004-08-02 20:10:05 ET

Its amazing..

2004-08-03 09:14:51 ET

what is?

2004-08-04 07:47:42 ET

that my rats still alive.

2004-08-04 15:46:23 ET


2004-08-06 12:01:27 ET

do not go to Job Corps. mike almost went there. my dad said it was horrible and completely pointless.


2004-08-06 14:33:05 ET

I know two people who went to job corp. They both hated it and found it extremely pointless. :+(

Why not just go to community college or take some classes online?

2004-08-07 18:41:03 ET

I dont think so guys.. I need this and the one here is good. i know people that go to the one here. and well it will get me back in college and they pay for all if not half and well its not bad.. strict yes but not bad at all.

2004-08-07 23:52:44 ET


2004-08-09 10:22:17 ET

Sometimes you have to suck it up for a while, take whatever work you can get until you get something you want. Besides, it builds character.... or something.... ;-)

2004-08-11 07:11:24 ET

Bah. to character building. So jobcorps make me sign up for selective service. its not like i could be in the milatary any way.

2004-08-11 11:53:29 ET

mike almost went to the one there.

it sucks....really.

2004-08-11 14:08:34 ET

i have been there.. i know how it is. and i think its the disapline i need to get my ass in gear

2004-08-13 14:27:43 ET

I'll give you discipline...heh

2004-08-13 20:13:22 ET

right.. you will come here everymorning at sixthirty and wake me up and make me go to class...

2004-08-14 01:09:36 ET


2004-08-14 01:09:36 ET


2004-08-14 19:07:23 ET


2004-08-26 08:30:54 ET

of course

2004-08-26 19:31:56 ET


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