2004-08-12 13:09:27 ET

I decide my page needs revamping.
Hum but what to do..

2004-08-12 20:37:35 ET

go crazy!!

2004-08-12 20:42:44 ET

Yes i should.

2004-08-12 20:57:44 ET

yup, what do you have to lose?

2004-08-12 21:23:36 ET


2004-08-12 21:25:17 ET

exactly ^__^

2004-08-12 21:26:02 ET


2004-08-12 21:27:06 ET

how are things in tucson? i'll be up tomorrow ^^

2004-08-12 21:29:48 ET

Eh.. Im living. just waiting to get my ass in to the JC dorms and then yeah.

here tomorrow.. cool.

2004-08-12 21:36:57 ET

yup. when do you move in?

2004-08-12 21:38:10 ET

dunno yet..
couple weeks..
i hope any way.

2004-08-12 21:43:48 ET

oh kewl. i move the 18th...i'm all paranoid about my shit getting lost.

2004-08-13 08:16:55 ET

yeah.. i know what you mean.. That is why i like to move my self.. but some times not possible

2004-08-16 12:26:19 ET

yeah, it's better to do that. oh and btw i like the new layout.

2004-08-16 18:19:22 ET

Thank you..
You leave In two days.

2004-08-27 07:42:33 ET

i'm here and have everything up now!

2004-08-29 18:55:50 ET

WOO HOOO.. cool.

2004-09-01 18:21:49 ET

i know ^___^ yay! i somehow miss az in a strange way..not wanting to go back per se...but it was just familiar.

2004-09-01 19:25:15 ET

I know what you mean.

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