2004-08-15 20:36:18 ET

When the hell did i be come emo.. really i mean i have always been sort of emo but never like this..
i am over emotionl i always have been but egad..
Except when its is ok to accually cry like i have a reason i dont..
I cry over stupid things, like people inlove in movies and happy endings.


I miss Jessica so much although she hasnt even tried to call me and i have no idea what her # is.. but i am going to find out.
I also miss Rikki so goddamn much and she is only a state away. but now she dosnt have a real home and i dont want her to not have a home..
I miss my life, my friends, I hate having to grow up
I fucking sucks. I hate how mature i have to be because i am 20 and an oldersister.
I wish i never lost my job and that i didnt have to move home.. well i like living closer to family though and i wouldnt trade my Family for the world..

2004-08-15 23:16:33 ET

i know what you mean.
it's like emo just sneeks up on you.

2004-08-16 06:46:26 ET

Its just gah.

2004-08-16 10:14:11 ET

it's no good either.

2004-08-16 10:32:12 ET


2004-08-17 12:54:22 ET

Holy hell, I understand. Almost all my friends are leaving or have already left me. Then there's the worry over school and realizing that everything just sucks.

It's the stealth ninja of unhappy things, he must be picking us off one by one...

2004-08-17 13:10:29 ET

I like the way you put it..
Em.. your great.

2004-08-22 06:41:55 ET

it's only the truth, dammit!

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