2004-08-19 17:30:50 ET

Well Im oFF. see you all in a few days.

2004-08-19 19:54:33 ET

woops! haha i almost put have fun but then i remembered the previous entry. haha supid me.

but i hope your grandma is gonna be okay.

2004-08-19 20:25:25 ET

I hope everything goes well. <3

2004-08-24 22:28:17 ET

Thanks guys..
She is ok..
ish any way...
she is 88 so yeah..
She didnt get that whole cant move the right side of her body ting so yeah..
but really she proly only has like a year tops.. ;(

2004-08-25 15:10:30 ET


2004-09-04 15:22:25 ET

Hope your gramma's gonna be alright.

2004-09-09 11:12:08 ET


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