life is what you make it
2004-09-15 22:20:20 ET

Life is an interesting sort of entertainment when you think about it.
I mean think of all the stupid things you have done, and all the random acts of klumsyness and you just get this amusing moving playing in your head.

Ok so here is what is going on in my life.
I start Job Corps on the 27th, I am glad that I am going even though the people there arnt exactly what I would call well yeah thats not even easy to discribe.
I went and saw ther therapest there today well I guess it would have been yesterday considering the time.
I miss my friends so much and it makes me sad.

4 days untill my sisters birthday and 36 untill mine. its kinda cool. :)
Um.. I am really tired so I will write more on my life later

2004-09-15 22:31:33 ET

yea... life tis can be a funny thing... it's all in ones perception for the most part...
can't take life to seriously or you'll never get out of it alive *van wilder* love that movie :::sniffles:::

*hugs* love to you as well... (i miss my friends 2...)...

2004-09-16 05:58:26 ET


2004-09-16 06:29:11 ET

Beware job corps isn't all that great but good luck with it

2004-09-16 19:06:25 ET

:P i feel loved..:O)

Well I know it isnt the greatest but hey i have my High School Diploma already and all i want from them is the free training.

2004-10-01 19:41:35 ET

Yo yo yo! Haven't been on forever, but now I'm making sure I keep in touch with people. I'm losing track of most of my friends for various reasons, mostly long stories about stuff, but yeah.

Go out and grab yourself some happiness, gal! later

2004-10-03 16:26:21 ET


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