2002-07-13 20:56:46 ET

Well.. I am just bored.. I dont know what to write but i figured that you doodz should get something great.. hum.. any way.. i am so sick,, i dont know what is wrong with me... i am tired and shit.. which is normal for me but i am even more tired than i usually am.. hum.. yes.. My dad is watching a movie called requiem for a dream.. it is crazy this old lady is on a diet and the doc per her on some pills and they are making her all crazy like.. now there is some porn going on.. its weird... hum... now the old lady is trying on a dress.. and it fits.. hum.. it did not fit before.. and she is waisting away.. hu... it will be crazy... hum..
i need to go buy some more cds.. YAY.. ;)k.. i will talk to people later

2002-07-13 21:04:57 ET

i like ur tattoo its pretty....where on ur body is it?

2002-07-13 21:07:34 ET

Thank you :)....Its on my back.. near my shoulder.. :O.. its cool.. i am getting more and soon

2002-07-13 21:07:39 ET


2002-07-13 21:08:35 ET


2002-07-13 21:09:01 ET

Hey, you beat me to the post!

2002-07-13 21:25:46 ET

umm...all I have to say is DAMN you right hum a lot...

2002-07-14 12:29:01 ET

ok.. Yes i beat you YAY.. ;)

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