IM ALIVE and ok......
2004-11-12 20:46:47 ET

I peirced my nose..
Took it out going to redo it when Im not sick.l
And have it done by some one other than my self jabbing a safty pin and earing through.
Getting my tough peirced this weeked if i get the jewellry.
School is ok.
Be done with my voc. in Feb abouts.. and starting school full time and work part time aroud the same time.
may double voc it and take auto body
I miss you guys
people should write me at job corps i feel unloved there.
901 S. Campbell
Tucson, AZ 85719

It would be the coolest if some one accually wrote..

Oh yeah a 16 year old boy is hitting on me hardcore and I am so mean and i tease.. eep..
wound up with something not pretty on my neck wanna guess what.. heheh

2004-11-12 21:34:29 ET

did the 16 year old boy give ya hickey?... haha...

if i had money for stamps i'd do it :-\... i don't have even change... i'm so broke :'(

2004-11-13 08:19:01 ET

you little tease.

2004-11-13 08:19:36 ET


2004-11-13 11:34:10 ET

I know i know..

Well nothing is going to happen between me and that BOY... because one ewwwwww and two I dont look good in orange

2004-11-14 01:43:34 ET

*edit* sorry i'm slow i just got the orange thing \m/... and yea it'd be odd */edit*

2004-11-14 13:19:36 ET

Prison colors here are orange and they are jumpsuits

2004-11-14 15:04:19 ET

yea it just took me awhile to remember that some places do that...

2004-11-19 16:52:50 ET

yeah.. its so dumb

2004-11-21 14:32:56 ET

yea but i'd prefer a solid color over stripes :::nods:::

2004-12-01 15:09:10 ET

haha yeah.

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