2004-11-13 11:40:14 ET

I think my hormones got the best of me on this one ladies and gents. 16 year old boy and a 21 year old female.
Violent tempered boy, hits on all with boobs.
Me getting PMS and major hormone problems is not a good thing.
What i did was a scumy thing to do, you know letting him kiss me and even kissing back, but what he did is fucked up.
So even though I was going to back off any way, I still wanted to preserve a friendship, because we never dated or went out or anything like that.
But now I am not even going to try for a friend ship.

Why do I attracted assholes. BAH FUCKING HUMBUG.
I want a relationship a real one, that I dont fuck up. A real one that is with some one my own age, or at least closer.
I hate letting my hormones get the best of me.
The second a guy pays any attion to me I swoon. I want someone real, and some one who isnt abusive.
I hate crying and now thats what I am doing.
later every one

2004-11-14 02:01:01 ET

awwww *hugs*... i know how it goes... i'm sure you'll find someone good
just takes time

2004-11-14 09:35:46 ET

what did he do? I'll kill him...

2004-11-14 13:20:02 ET


Thank you guys

Gabe(still want to call you dan) I know but i have never even been in love.. bah

2004-11-14 15:05:35 ET

yea... ehhh i'm not sure there is really a such thing as 'true' love... just true acceptance...

i could be awfully wrong... haha... but it's a theory of mine...

2004-11-15 11:06:21 ET

I don't know about "true" love but I do have to say that love is not a lie and it does affect you greatly. and it sucks when it's all over. but...people fall in and out of love every single miserable fucking day. [sore subject. sorry for the attitude.]

Love is real. and, crys, you will find it someday and you will be happy.

2004-11-19 16:53:42 ET

Thank you guys.. It makes me feel better.

2004-11-19 20:21:12 ET

you're welcome.

2004-11-30 11:49:54 ET

People are fun, make sure they're worth your time before regretting anything.

2004-12-01 15:09:27 ET

yes.. i know that feeling.

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