George Carlin is funny
2002-07-15 15:12:49 ET

"I like the fact that rap musicians are murdering each other. I don't have a problem with rap music. It's just that I like the idea of celebrities killing each other. Wouldn't it be great of Dan Rather snuck up on Tom Brokaw during the news and stabbed him in the head? Or imagin Julie Andrews putting rat poison in Liza Minnellie's triple vodka when she gets up to take a shit at Sardi'd. Here's a great one: Richard Simmons and Louie Anderson grab Rosie O'Donnell and choke her to death. It's just fun to think about, isn't it?"
George Carlin
Napalm and Silly Putty

2002-07-15 16:50:25 ET

lol...its like in Happy Gilmore when Bob Barker and Adam Sandler were duking it out

2002-07-15 17:10:58 ET

Yeah me too.. I am watching that movie right now... crazy.. it is one funny movie

2002-07-15 17:11:55 ET

I love that....JACKASS!

2002-07-15 17:13:47 ET

lol.. :)
so long sucker

2002-07-15 17:15:15 ET


2002-07-15 17:16:27 ET

hehe... great flick..

2002-07-15 17:32:09 ET

I saw Mr. Deeds a few days ago...funny stuff

2002-07-15 18:30:33 ET dad hates adam sandler...

2002-07-15 20:01:19 ET

Mr. Deeds yes very funny.. :)

2002-07-15 20:13:30 ET

my dad thinks its a stupid idea...but he's never seen it...

2002-07-15 20:28:15 ET

Ah.. hum.. i wonder..

2002-07-15 20:30:02 ET

wonder what?

2002-07-15 20:30:42 ET

why your dad hates what idea

2002-07-15 20:38:41 ET

*shrugs* he just hates adam sandler...

2002-07-15 20:40:33 ET

ah.. i know my dad hate polly shore for no real reason

2002-07-15 20:46:28 ET

yeah my dad hates him too

2002-07-16 07:17:41 ET

sneaky sneaky sir

2002-07-16 15:47:25 ET

:) hehe.. i dont think you understand the ability of my sneakyness sir..

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