I never want to feel it again.
2004-12-16 15:56:08 ET

Falling fast towards the ground
Hitting hard but no pain to feel
Spinning now
My soul in shreds
The holes in my heart
May never mend
I'm still at fault
Just like before
Shattered and broken
My world falls apart
Never knowing when
This will end
My stubborn spirit
Not knowing when to bend
Now its time the end is here
I will help it all disappear

2004-12-16 15:59:48 ET

Have I said hello to you yet?

2004-12-16 16:04:05 ET

NO but now you have..

2004-12-16 16:11:05 ET

have i told you lately....

that i love you...

(breaks out into song)... nice poem :-)

2004-12-16 19:34:10 ET

I love you too bud
Thank you..
what song are you breaking out with?

2004-12-16 20:07:46 ET

have i told you lately that i love you (is a song)... can't remember who it's by... but it's a pretty big old song...

you doin' good? :-)

2004-12-17 06:23:53 ET

Eh.. Im living.
I know that song.

2004-12-18 19:49:46 ET

:-\... well i was lookin' for a... i'm hella awesome sort of response...
but it's ok... :'(...

:-* haha... yea it's an oldie goldie

2004-12-19 08:00:41 ET

I am doing better.
Heart patching itself up slowly.
Yes good olddddd song.

2004-12-19 10:44:20 ET

well that's good.. :-)

2004-12-19 13:56:47 ET

And sleep is my friend too.

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