2005-01-12 19:01:06 ET

Running faster
Staying a way
Wandering thoughts
Are hiding with dismay
Hating all the feelings
The ones that are deep inside
I love you but I donít want to
Trying to hate you my anger dies
Wondering when these feelings will fade
Dodging and weaving the stories you tell
Only to find that I'm in your personal hell

I wrote this in Business Tech the other day instead of working..
I do that alot latelly
I cannot consintrate lately

2005-01-12 20:38:15 ET

Off topic: HOLY SHIT! I completely forgot about that picture (last day HS).

Love the one you've got as your avatar.

2005-01-13 06:20:53 ET

Yes that was one of the best days ever.
You and matt were great.

And thank you.

2005-01-13 12:33:24 ET

On a related note, I'm back on SK but not back on your bio! :(

2005-01-13 18:07:44 ET

Um.. i need to up date that

2005-01-13 18:14:26 ET

Indeed. :-P

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