2005-01-13 11:32:32 ET

I am so glad that I took the rest of this week off of school.
I was going crazy, living with that many girls makes you want to start pounding peoples faces in with bricks.
The guys are not much better, if better, at all.
Daniel is going to get the shit beat out of him, which I don't want but I wont be able to stop it.

2005-01-13 19:23:51 ET

YOU NEVER CALL! I DIVORCE YOU! Haha just kidding. I still love you. Glad you are getting some time to yourself. Sucks about Daniel.

2005-01-14 09:17:09 ET

Yes but he does deserve it.. I just dont want it to happen
You cant divorce me.. :( so i am glad you are kidding.
I Do need to call you.

2005-01-14 22:36:03 ET

Yeah you do.

2005-01-15 10:06:14 ET


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