Life or something simillar to what life seems to be? i think
2002-07-16 19:11:46 ET

Well i decide that i am going to dye my hair a red color or something... I am going to go buy the dye tomorrow after i finish my room cleaning.. :) cause yeah my room needs to be cleaned.. First laundry then trash then pack.. sounds like a plan to me...I need to go buy two cds tomorrow too.. because i am never going to get them back from a certian some one.. damn them.. well they are Sublime, and Orgy.. :( i want my cloths back.. but i never will get them back.. cause yeah.. i just know her.. dammit all the the place we call hell....
Hum.. yes.. i should go buy my bass.. i have 300 dollars or so.. maybe i should.. but then i couldnt buy my hairdye or cds.. hum.. i dont know.. amanda will say buy the bass.. but i dont know..
I love rain
I am tired
i need smokege..
Yes.. and more writing.. i need to work on my poetry.. and art.. yes yes i do..
:) bye bye

2002-07-17 02:16:28 ET

I think i know of whom you speak. She has 3 or 5 of my CDs (Guns N' Roses, The Powerpuff Girls, Sarah MacLachlin, and more). Also, Jessicabitch (Uso) has my see-through star screen shirt. Though she denies it. BITCH. bah. Also, Monica has my Rancid CD (pure fluke, as she is not a fan) and my Lords of Acid CD. And my Friday the 13th shirt and my brown plaid pants. Bah. And SOMEONE has my old favorite shirt, though i know not who. Chris has my los Mari-1-NosCD (though he's gonna have that for another 3 weeks), and my Billy Idol CD is missing. (*sniff*) What else...

2002-07-17 02:17:06 ET

Oh! And jessica has my Union Underground CD.

2002-07-17 07:06:18 ET

Dear lord.. i have your sara maclachlin... i will give that back asap.. cause yeah its not mine to keep... Hum Yes you knew exactly of whom i was speaking.. grrr... and she has lots of my cloths.. you should call monica.. cause she would be more than willing to give back your stuff.. :)

2002-07-17 07:55:54 ET

Buy the Bass! Buy me a Bass!

2002-07-17 09:02:25 ET

buy the bass and break into her house and get the cds and clothes back! just do it...either that or go over to her house when she's sleeping and knock on her door really loud (at like 5am or so) and wake her up and get your stuff back....hell take me with you...if a certain someone else is there(which she probably is) then I want to kick her ass...

2002-07-17 12:19:45 ET

ghosthammer- hehe.. i will buy the bass.. but i dont have enough for two..
Tinna... ok thats a plan

2002-07-17 15:58:28 ET

good crys. you better buy that goddamn bass. i need the money we will make when we get famous. hell yeah

2002-07-17 19:34:14 ET

Oh yeah :)

2002-07-17 19:36:02 ET


2002-07-17 19:37:24 ET

why sigh.. i am sorry tonight was not more fun.. i am so tired.. gah

2002-07-17 19:40:59 ET

shoot me
I want to die
I have no life
no love
no lie
I talk in riddles
only to show
I don't not want to come out and say
I love him so
but do not know how
it scares me
and I want to cry

just wrote like?

2002-07-17 19:42:29 ET

Yes i do... its really nice.. :)

2002-07-17 19:44:17 ET

its not true so don't think foot is bugging me...I really do want to be shot though

2002-07-17 19:46:11 ET

why?? i love you my little one

2002-07-17 19:49:31 ET

I miss him so much...and I want him to come hurts so bad...and I don't know what to do....I know this is good for him...but I just miss him....I'm afraid he's gonna forget about me...fucking piece of shit...I'm not supposed to feel this way...I'm only 15 damnit...why am I like this? I have a feeling I'm going to get hurt...

2002-07-17 19:52:04 ET

its normal.. it will get better.. trust me.. life is pain but living through it will make it all worth it trust me.. i mean just ask mom.. and dad.. i mean..yeah

2002-07-17 19:57:34 ET

I'm gonna pm you

2002-07-17 19:59:26 ET


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