2002-07-17 07:23:49 ET

What obscure band are you?

More on Shounen Knife:

Okay.... take the Buzzcocks, throw out the angst, add some 50s surfing tune undertones, and throw in it an absurdly cute and very japanese girly container, and you have Shounen Knife!
This group is comprised of 3 Japanese ladies and makes very fast paced, cute-punk. Girliest punk you will ever hear. Good stuff! :D

They did some tunes for the Powerpuff Girls too, if you must know.

2002-07-29 20:58:47 ET

They're pretty cool. Awesomely random lyrics(I find) but cool nonetheless.

2002-07-29 21:08:35 ET

yep yep.. so super... i like them

2002-07-29 21:12:42 ET

I like fruit and penguins.

2002-07-29 21:18:12 ET

yes.. fruit is good.. hum.. i like turtles..

2002-07-29 21:23:07 ET

They're green, tho. The cutest penguins are Fairy Penguins, they're blueish. http://users.capu.net/~kwelch/pp/species/little.html

2002-07-29 21:23:56 ET


2002-07-29 21:24:32 ET

humm i am off to bed now.. i am jut too tired.. to work.. gah.. ok ttyl.. bye by

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