Holly Christ shit on a cracker.
2005-02-21 19:34:30 ET

Man the longer I stay living with my parents (again) the more irritable I get. Its not a good thing. I am working for a great job right now, the catch you ask, I work for free. I am hoping to get hired after my intern ship is over. But I have to work my ass off to do that. I mean if I dont get hired there is always AOL or Teletech or some other shitty call place where all I do is answer phones and sit on my ass all day.
I hope I get a job that will work with my schooling, but if I cant i can just take night school. I need an apartment, or a house to rent so that way I wont go completly insane before I graduate Job Corps.. I moved out of the dorms because I was going crazy but not I am still going crazy living at home. BAH..
No happy medium. Thats why I need to get a job that accually pays me money.
I need to finish Job Corps get my $1200 and get out BAH..

2005-02-22 08:17:57 ET

What are you doing in school, anyway? We've never talked about it.

2005-02-22 18:22:58 ET

Business Technologies.
Accounting Tech. all that crap.. but I am just going to PIMA in the fall so that way I will ahve a realy degree.

2005-02-22 21:10:34 ET

Good luck with that.

2005-02-23 16:16:27 ET

Thank you.

2005-02-24 23:59:00 ET

Congrats, hon!

2005-02-25 06:14:04 ET


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