2005-05-05 19:15:19 ET

I feel as if I am going to cry, there is no reason for it. Maybe because I miss Rikki Terribly and she seems to be in some sort of trouble. I need to get money and get my ass out to Sea side to see her. Although she is comeing here soon its not soon enough. I might break, not sure why, I just feel like Im falling again and thats a bad thing.

On a lighter side. I have an interview monday at Bankers life or something like that. I hope I get it because I start out at $40,000 a year which is great for someone with out a degree, which I will soon have any way, and by soon, I mean like 4 or 5 years.

Music: Less than Jake "She's gonna Break"

2005-05-05 23:01:28 ET

it'll be okay.

2005-05-06 17:36:49 ET


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