2005-05-07 18:15:53 ET

I got rear ended to day. I am in a bit of pain. I fucked up again, and I forgot to tell my rents that I was going to pheonix last night and so when I was on my way droping the dinamic duo off (sara and brody) someone slamed in to me which inturn made me hit some one in front of me.
My mom is so angry at me about the pheonix thing, It hurts to know how much she doesnt trust me. Thats my fault, because I have a lying problem when It comes to her, I dont even need to lie but I do it. and I need help to stop it.

2005-05-07 19:16:20 ET

Ouch I hope you're okay!

2005-05-08 05:42:41 ET

I hope she understand that it wasn't your fault (eventually, at best). Sorry to hear about it.

2005-05-08 06:42:08 ET

Im sore as hell but moving around and nothing is broken.
She knows the accident wasnt my fault, she is just mad about me going some where and not telling her, because she pays for gas, untill I get a job at least.

2005-05-08 08:04:10 ET

How about wishing her a great Happy Mother's Day to lighten her mood?! I have to call my mom this morning, lol.

2005-05-08 14:30:14 ET

I made her breakfast, she still bitches but she isnt so bad.

2005-05-08 15:00:30 ET

Sweet, I'm taking my family to Valdez, AK for a Subway dinner, lol. Everything in the town north of here is dead/quiet. I'll be driving for a total of three hours tonight. 6:00 pm to 7:30 (leaving the station south of home)- eat in Valdez; 8:15 to 10:30 pm - leave Valdez and arrive in Glennallen (my home).
Get up at 3:50 am and drive back down to work (station) and arrive at 5:05 am. Start the second-to-my-last day of work for the shift. *gasps for air*

2005-05-09 17:03:53 ET

wow sounds like a lot of AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAa

2005-05-10 06:41:12 ET

Lol, today is my last day to get up early. YAY! I'm off shift as of 6pm tonight. Overtime 10 hours tomorrow for training sessions.

2005-05-10 15:08:52 ET

Sounds shitty, poor gal.

Be good, mum's can suck ass sometimes when you don't want them to.

2005-05-10 18:20:52 ET

Hah, good time to sleep in.

Tab, I know I am working on being good.

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