Ladies and Gentalmen
2005-05-13 20:24:55 ET

Now for one more great thing...........


2005-05-13 20:34:07 ET


2005-05-13 20:38:23 ET

Yay! Congrats to you. I hope this is a good thing. :D

2005-05-13 20:59:07 ET

Congratulations sweetheart!

2005-05-16 15:50:45 ET

Thank you guys..

and ryan I miss you and I need to call you but I got my cell taken away so when I get it back I will call you babe.

2005-05-16 18:08:10 ET

Alrighty I'll be here :]

2005-05-25 12:18:20 ET

Woohoo and Congrats!!!

Glad to hear things are gettin better and better!

2005-05-26 07:34:22 ET

Yes, thankyou..
also getting better, and also some things are worse but I am really trying to look up and thus far it is working... :)

2005-05-26 07:34:57 ET

It sounds like you have things in order. ~_~

2005-05-26 07:40:32 ET

I am certianly working on it. For the first time I am realizing that what matters right now is me, and getting myself on my feet and happy.

2005-05-26 07:44:38 ET

Wow, sounds great! I'm happy for you! ^_^

2005-05-29 23:01:58 ET

Thank you so much sweetheart.. Its nice to hear some times.

2005-06-01 15:14:31 ET

That was quick...rock on! Welcome to the world of the employed :-)

2005-06-01 20:33:05 ET


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