2005-06-08 21:20:08 ET

some times I just wish I were dead

2005-06-08 22:19:51 ET

Sometimes I wish I were of a different species.

2005-06-09 07:43:27 ET

That would be kinda cool.. What species?

2005-06-09 12:27:46 ET

hmmm... canine I think.

2005-06-09 15:04:56 ET

ahhh.. mans best friend.

2005-06-09 17:19:37 ET

Me too.
But I don't think I'd like you being dead very much, you'd stick up the place.

2005-06-10 11:32:56 ET

hahaha.. Yeah.. It would not be a plesent smell at all

2005-06-10 22:18:22 ET

I want to pretend I've died sometimes. People's words in my head, as if they themselves have said them, make me feel like I mean something to them. Hopefully that's true.

But if I die, I think I'd have enough foresight to give myself an enema and pee before keeling over... don't want to cause anyone TOO much hassle, y'know?

And here I go again on my own... going down the only road I've ever know. Like a twister, I was born to walk alone...

And that's all she wrote.

2005-06-11 06:05:17 ET

Em you rock..

2005-06-17 17:43:13 ET

and I'm a gigantic loser, but that's okay :)

Thanks, love

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