so yeah, here we go again
2005-06-11 06:13:26 ET

My Aunt Shevie is getting married today, for the third time. She is like 45, so yes love comes around again.
I cant think of this guy as my uncle though, he sounds like Boomhowier from King of the Hill. And yes he does say man after almost ever sentance. Weird thing is, my aunt just went back to school to finish her degree after more than 20 years off of school. Instead of working for Motorola or Intell as she had been for years, she is working as a waitress at The Village Inn, thats where she met Bill, her soon to be husband number three. Life, interesting.

2005-06-11 08:11:27 ET

my mom's almost 50 and she's just about on #3. . . you're never too old for love! And yea life really is interesting . . . more so everyday lol

2005-06-11 21:49:25 ET

Wow.. My mom will be 50 next year and she is on #2, and her last as well so its all good.
Yes more and more interesting.

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