So I've been wondering
2005-07-24 19:58:03 ET

So, It makes me wonder. You see all those movies/TV shows where the kids have all grown up together blah blah blah. Ok so what I wonder is how many people actually are like that, really. I mean I have never lived in one place longer than four or five years, its weird you know. I think about if I had, would I be way different from how I am now, or if I never moved from Mesa, AZ, and went to high school there instead of Sierra Vista, would I still have the same friends I had in JR High school? I don't know, I would like to say yes because I had some really awesome friends, some of which I lost all contact with and I regret that more than anything really. Also some of which I just presently got back in touch with. Life is weird.

2005-07-25 06:32:39 ET

Even our biggest mistakes, failures, and shortcomings set us up to be in position for our biggest successes, to meet the people we meet and to do the things we do. Any minor thing changed could radically alter the outcome of your entire life.

2005-07-26 18:48:17 ET

Wow.. That sounds mildly optimistic of you my dear Andy. But I know what you mean, and even though I feel the same its nice to have some one say it to me for a change.

2005-07-26 23:26:04 ET

It's not optimistic. It's neither positive nor negative.

2005-07-30 20:39:29 ET

um.. I did say mildly

2005-07-30 22:21:39 ET

No, I mean, it has no stance at all on negativity or positivity. It's just an observation without regard to how it affects one's happiness or contentment or regret or whatever.

2005-07-31 12:55:51 ET

Yes I know but it all adds up to a Success, which in itself is a positive ending.

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