I wish the world would end
2005-08-16 20:10:03 ET

not that I want to die, its just I am so tired and sick of all the shit and stress the world causes.
I am so sick and tired of always ALWAYS having a migrain, maybe its a tummor.. haha that would just make life complete bah.. so tired and I am going to go to bed got to be up in six hours so I can get ready for work. love too all.

2005-08-23 06:32:28 ET


I hope you feel better!

Would you like more coffee?? :-D

2005-08-25 18:12:50 ET

aww thank you sweetie
feeling a little better that migrain turned in to one wicked cold. hum, I have been thinking about ordering some more of that coffee..

2005-08-26 06:31:57 ET

Your welcome!

I have been going on this on again, off again - not really sure cold. And they always happen after a bad day at work, hmmm...

Great stuff, huh? I still love the Deadman's Reach blend. Can't get enough of that stuff.
Yummmm - I'm making an order now. You talked me into getting more (my supply is running dangerously low). ^_^

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