2005-09-07 19:16:48 ET



but seriously I need to get a real job not any more fucking temp jobs... Also I want to date again I know Ive said that before but really. I am so tired of casual relations with people... BAH to my lack of emotional attatchment to some one I like in the none friend way or both I guess but its a completely different thing.
The love I feel for a friend, is not the same as the love I some day should feel for some one..

does any one understand what I am saying, cause it might be a little muttled due to sever head pain and exahustion.. pardon the spelling as well for I am typing with my eyes closed. and I really cant think all too well.

2005-09-07 19:58:53 ET

Love  for  a  friend
does  not  entail  the  comprimize  of  self

2005-09-07 20:14:19 ET

go out there a catch one girlie, you're an awesome chic that people should be happy and more whole knowing you. Work at walmart.. hehe..

2005-09-12 20:06:53 ET

Mattholck: so do you mean its better than love for a lover?

Jess: you rock.. But I m starting to think you caught the last good one.. at least in AZ any way...


2005-09-12 20:51:44 ET

gotta find a good army guy for ya... and he wasn't from az- that's a BIG plus.. hehe

2005-09-13 19:34:42 ET

True true..

2005-09-13 19:41:59 ET

I don't see comprimize as a bad thing

2005-09-17 08:32:58 ET

It isnt. It makes things work much better.

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