2005-10-17 19:17:46 ET

I feel guilty I should have gone to work today, but my mouth still hurt after the Dentist. So I just stayed home, plus the whole dizzy thing, I mean I fell over at work on friday, it was pretty funny though.

Tomorrow I am going to work no matter what, and I bought Muffins for everyone at work.
I know I know hardly makes up for Absenteeism or Malingering (which ever you prefer) but you know what it is all I can do.

2005-10-18 20:12:26 ET

What did you get done at the dentist's?

2005-10-22 09:38:05 ET

fillings and now I have to get another crown. bah

2005-10-22 18:10:50 ET


2005-10-24 07:28:29 ET

yep it sucks

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