What a shitty month
2005-11-03 15:07:39 ET

Well this month is turning out to be the worst.
First, My insurance denies my surgery,
Then I get in wicked badness if you ask I will tell you, but I cant go to Dillards again. last night and today I lost my job.
Oh any my car is falling apart.

If some one dies I swear I am going on a shooting rampage.

2005-11-03 15:27:20 ET


2005-11-03 16:27:03 ET

I'm so sorry girlie! -hugs- You know everything will get better, no where else for it to go! Loves!

2005-11-03 17:43:56 ET

Ryan: thank you

Jess my jess: thank you so much I miss you and your coming soon so YAY..

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