2006-01-15 18:59:25 ET

Going to the doctor tomorrow,
My stomach has hurt for days, my dad says its a preulcerous condition or just ulcers. Stupid GERD I hate it so much.
If it gets any worse tonight I am going to the hospital yes.

2006-01-15 19:18:27 ET

Ooo... I'm sorry, hun... I know exactly how that goes....
I hope you feel better!!

2006-01-15 19:27:56 ET

i have ulcers, and i take prevacid for acid reflux.
get that shit checked out. sometimes all you need are a few overpriced antibiotics.

2006-01-15 19:48:04 ET

Feel better lady!

2006-01-16 19:02:07 ET

Yeah, I am well, I hate the doctor so I should get it checked out. my dads mom died because she had acid reflux which caused throat cancer. so I really should get it checked out.

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