2006-01-20 13:13:53 ET

I had a good lunch date. it was nice.

2006-01-20 14:44:34 ET

Crystal and dan sitting in a tree

2006-01-21 09:41:25 ET

lol quit making fun. Wait I like it. lmao.. Dan is cute.
I know that we arnt exclusive, but those chicks best back the fuck off.

2006-01-21 09:43:07 ET

Dude w/ a pretty and amazing as you are those other chicks dont stand a chance.

2006-01-21 09:43:52 ET

haha. thanks monc.. What you doing? and who stole your money, Do I need to stomp them in the face.?

2006-01-21 15:20:45 ET

Dawn- I was going to write the exact same thing. Ha. Great minds and all that junk.

2006-01-21 16:17:15 ET

you guys are funny, LOVE YOU

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