2006-01-26 16:48:13 ET

I got the job, I got the job!.. It makes my faith so much stronger when good things happen after such shitty ones.

So I start tomorrow at 8 am.. WOO WHOOO..
Woo friggen woo yeah yeah..

2006-01-26 16:52:27 ET

mmm, cake..

2006-01-26 17:53:48 ET

lol :)

2006-01-26 17:54:27 ET

What job are you getting? Or w/e..

2006-01-26 17:55:32 ET

Oh its a data entry job at a medical place. Its temp to hire, but its a good job. only $9 hr but that aint bad to start.

2006-01-26 17:56:34 ET

That sounds awesome to me! Have fun, and if all you do is sit and type.. bring music if you can. Or you might go blind with boredom.

2006-01-26 18:17:18 ET

Oh I know thats how it was when I worked at first health.

2006-01-26 18:53:40 ET


2006-01-26 19:17:16 ET

Wee! Congrats!!

2006-01-27 18:45:23 ET

THank you guys.. it was a pretty good day.

2006-01-28 12:06:37 ET

ONLY $9 an hour, eh? :P You should negotiate up if that's the case. You might be able to ask for a raise later. Mine that I got at Aegis (like everybody else who has ever lived in Sierra Vista, you know) started at $9.50, and all I have to do is deal with old people.

2006-01-28 17:29:45 ET

Dude its a temp job, I will be making ten in like a week.

2006-01-30 11:38:30 ET

The "ONLY" comment was meant to say that $9 isn't half bad at all.

But $10 is better.

2006-01-30 17:19:20 ET

I know. THats what I was making at DES

2006-01-31 15:15:13 ET

What is DES again?

2006-01-31 17:57:42 ET

Department of Economic Security

2006-02-08 16:52:30 ET


2006-02-08 17:02:15 ET

thatnk you..

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