Writen 2/9/2006 9:25 pm AZ time
2006-02-09 18:18:55 ET

I love you yet I hate you
You made me feel this way
I know its not your fault still
I wanted you this way
Your happy, and now Im not
Im feeling wrecked inside my soul
I feel so burnt inside
I may never gain control
And yet I hope you stay this way
I never want to forget
That even though Im broken
You are perfectly content
I dont mean this meanly
But it seems you never cared
And even if you never miss me
I will miss you till the end.

2006-02-09 19:10:09 ET


call me. My phone card sucks.

2006-02-09 19:25:32 ET

bravo! will you be in tucson around march 16-25? i'm coming for spring break ^^

2006-02-10 10:07:14 ET

OK.. I will call you when I get off work.

YAY must hang out moni must

2006-02-11 11:34:02 ET

definitely ^^

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