Happy VD day everyone
2006-02-14 07:55:00 ET

Well Im not bitter like usual but Ive been prepared for this day for months so I putting my picture up any way

2006-02-14 08:43:08 ET

Happy V-Day to you too!
I'm being a grump at work, cuz I can. They won't know how sweet I'll be when I get home where I can make good use of this cheery day.
People at my work won't give a shit less about me saying V-Day, so I'm holding out until I get home where I know it's worth saying the words to my family.

2006-02-14 09:55:38 ET

so your telling me to get her pregnant?

2006-02-14 14:11:02 ET

Are you still my Valentine?

2006-02-14 18:14:17 ET

Snow.. Yes At least at home its still a good word. I accually got a couple of valentines cards from co-workers it was neat.

Jamez: yes thats what Im saying.. really now.. not all babies are from hell..

Rikki.. YES always.. Cause I love you like a fat kid loves cake and COTTEN CANDY!

2006-02-15 06:12:14 ET

Cool, I got to eat 1 chocolate candy peace. Hehe, I didn't like it, it was orange marmalade with dark chocolate, yuk.
I gave my hun a bass fish that said "you're a keeper". :)

2006-02-16 17:57:07 ET

I say those ones.. I thought they were so awsome.

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