2006-05-06 19:03:39 ET

Man I need to get my butt on here more often.

Well here is an up date of me...

1. I am working at a new temp job at SW ambulance.
2. I am kinda dating this awesome guy named Sam.
3. My friend Sara had her baby.
4. I am kinda happy with life in general
5. I am going to start school WOO HOO, but not at Pima Medical, at the community college because I want to be a teacher...

I am doing alright for myself, for once... I havnt had to borrow money from my parents and I hope I dont jinx myself about that.
I am getting to know who I am for real now..
I love it.

Talk to you all later.

2006-05-09 15:35:29 ET

I'm happy to hear things are going so well! How's the apartment? Are you all set up now?

2006-05-14 10:41:06 ET

heh... set up is such a wrong word for it..

I am hardly ever home, but its better than it was.

When you comming to rescue me from hell though? I mean I will take sam with me though.. heh.

I miss you muches.

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