Well now...
2006-05-14 10:47:51 ET

So, I am still dating Sam, he is so sweet.. I should take some pictures of him so all of you can see is beautifulness. hehe..

Monday is my first day at SW ambulance with out Emily (the chick im taking over for cuz she is getting married and going on her honey moon) So its a little scary. but I know I will be fine, I am good at this kinda stuff..

So I decided to get my apt set up any way, and Im probably going to sign the lease for another six months. But my lease isnt up till the end of july so I got some time.


I miss my rikki alot and the more I read her page or her myspace makes me know she is doing ok.. but it dosnt help though. i wish she were here to share experiences here with me... but its alright I am alive and well and being relitively happy so yeah..

2006-05-31 18:06:12 ET

I'm gonna be visiting in a few days. <3

2006-05-31 18:07:10 ET


OH MY GOOOOOOOOODNESS.. YES... and on a weekend too?

How long are you staying?

2006-05-31 18:08:00 ET

Only a few days or so... .no more than a little over a week. But I can't wait to see you!

2006-05-31 18:09:01 ET

ME either, i miss you..

I am so EXCITED... you should see my face.

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