Aint Life Grand
2006-07-24 05:08:06 ET

My cell phone was stolen last night. Fucker who took it best be watching out for karma.
I may be getting a new one with the same number thats if I can't find the spare one we have with a different number.
Its not like it was even a cool phone, it was a very crappy phone, not even color, just basic junk.
But what ever.
So, alot more has been going on, but not much I want to talk about on the net.
Other than I am moving back to my moms, she needs me. She feels so bad that I am moving back though. She wants me too, but she feels like she is taking my independence, but shes not. The only thing that is going to change is my address really. I am still going to be independent, have people over and all that crap. She even told me that. its nutsness really.

It will just be My mom, my little sister, and me. it will be a change in general, but I will befine.


2006-07-24 05:19:46 ET

I hate it when people steal cell phones. Someone stole mine once and it made me furious cause I lost all my pictures and nummbers and everything.

2006-07-24 05:30:52 ET

Yep the number thing is want pisses me off.
Fucking people

2006-07-24 05:36:50 ET

I think its humn nature to hate human nature

2006-07-24 17:21:10 ET

its so so so true

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