Will Someone Please.....
2006-10-07 19:15:16 ET

Shoot me, I think it would be good for my image.

LOL. ok sorry thats been running through my head since earlier this morning.

Any who, living in Arizona, and havint the compresor on your AC unit go out sucks big time.
I am going in and out because its cooler out side than it is in the house, its sad really.
I also decided that I am going to work my ass off to get somewhere in this world, and trample all who stand in my way.. For fucking real guys I am tired of being the doormate to pretty much everyone I know.

Well yes.. life eh..

the world is full of fuckers!

2006-10-13 13:10:29 ET

Hey, there! I hope you find a happy medium: not a doormat, and not a miserable bitch, either. A very delicate balance to maintain...

2006-10-14 19:40:29 ET

And so completely difficult to accomplish as well, but I am doing much better. Thank you.
So how are you doing?

2006-10-15 07:40:11 ET

I'm doing well, thank you! Just SSDD out here in Georgia-land... :) I expect to come back to AZ for the XMas time, and I think the Rix and I will be getting tats together... still thinking... I hope we can arrange to come up there, or for you to come down to hang! There may be more Karaoke in the making!

2006-10-15 10:55:59 ET

Well if you get in AZ i will get down there too to see you both. And you should get a tattoo. My mom and little sister got matching ones. its pretty cool.
But it would be so fun with the Karaoke and all that jazz.

I wish Rikki could come here for our birthdays, since mine is teh 22nd and hers is the 24th..

2006-10-15 20:22:30 ET

If I don't 'talk' to you online before then, I hope you have a GREAT Birthday!! I know Rikki would love to be able to spend those days with you if she had any travle tokens left! :)

2006-10-16 04:14:59 ET

Yeah, and thank you much.
I know rikki would, but between work, and both of us on low funds it would not be all that easy to get any where.

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