2006-10-20 17:40:19 ET

Another year older eh... well on Sunday.. Why, seriously why.
The last few years have zoomed by so fast and it makes me want to do more with mylife...

I have no clue if any one is going to hang out with me Saturday night. I want to go to Karaoke at AJ's Pub.. I think my friend Jessica is coming..
Bah to my friends living else where.

2006-10-20 20:21:45 ET

Hmm, Saturday, you say? May be able to swing something...

2006-10-21 01:54:25 ET

NOOOOOO!!! Come share your birthday with me in SV!

2006-10-21 16:54:59 ET

*lets imagination free*

*hunches over carcass, munching away* "Mmm, birthday..."

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