Egad, and BAH
2006-11-10 17:53:01 ET

Being sick.

Seriously. When you are so violently ill that your boss has to call your mother to pick you up from work, because you wouldn’t be able to drive, is terrible.
I was sitting next to her desk hugging a trash can until my mom called and was down stairs to pick me up.
I am just glad she brought my dad, and sister. Dad took her car, and my mom, sister and I drove mine home.

I still feel rather shitty, which sucks because I was going to go up to Phoenix tomorrow to see Sara, after I donated Blood, which I can't do either. I will probably have to high of a white cell count, but I am going to try anyway.

2006-11-10 20:15:54 ET


*makes you checken noodle soup*

2006-11-11 08:26:49 ET

awww. Thank you hun.. I didnt want you to leave..

2006-11-12 00:14:50 ET

:-( I know, hon. But I'll be back in December.

2006-11-14 08:09:25 ET

YOU BETTER, because your mom said so.

2006-11-14 11:07:13 ET


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