So I was in an Accident
2006-11-14 08:08:48 ET

I was on my way home from dinner with my grandparents. I was driving my new car (new to me not new in general). My dad was in the passenger seat, and we were talking about my car, and that it is nice. with all of a sudden we jerked forward.
Then we jerked again and started spinning.

I was sideswiped rear ended and then hit in the side and forced in to a spin by a, get this SEMI- truck. I spun one and a half times before coming to rest int he median.

I am one lucky woman, and if I had reacted any other way but the right way, I would be dead and so would my dad.

I a glad I am a good responsive driver, and that the man upstairs is looking out for me.

It sucks though, its like I just can't have nice things, every time I get a new car something happens..

But hey, I am alive, and he was sighted.... plus I have a good lawyer..

The ER doctor said I have to stay home for the next two days to "relax and rest so I can heal"
BLAH... I am tired and sore.

2006-11-14 08:12:53 ET

damn! thank god your ok.

2006-11-14 11:09:00 ET

Damn, hon!

Remind me that I owe you one for not dying.

2006-11-14 12:24:39 ET

Wow that's insane!!
I'm so happy you're alive.

2006-11-14 16:51:09 ET

thank you guys..
It was a crazy night..
I hurt, but I am doing pretty good. now.

And miss rix I will remind you of that. lol..


2006-11-15 08:43:00 ET

Love you. And your intact body. *hump hump*

2006-11-16 16:31:56 ET

hehe.. YAY RIKKI.

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