2007-01-13 17:14:22 ET

Well Thank Fucking God that 2006 is over. I hated it, too much shit went down that made life shit for me and many friends and family.
2007 hasn't started out much better the only really awesome thing is the fact that Rikki now lives in Arizona now.

***dj interupts**
Crystal is fucking hella ACE! ...that is all
***now back to crystal***

Well now that the invasion is over...

I have a registration interview for school tuesday.. FUCK YEAh... the only bad thing is that I will be working from 8-5 and going to school from 6-10. but thats only Mon - Thurs. I am glad, but I want my rikki to move up here for moral support.


2007-01-13 17:17:12 ET

Hopefully this year is better for you. I'm glad that Rikki is closer to you now, I bet that will be nice. Congrats on school. I hope that works out for you as well!


2007-01-14 07:06:27 ET

Thank you My Ryan!!! I am hoping for the best.


2007-01-14 12:48:14 ET

Being able to see you more often is so good for my soul..

2007-01-14 16:21:47 ET

your font is incredibly hard to read!

2007-01-16 17:38:12 ET

Rikki: same here, my soul is much happier now that you are in AZ.

Angel: hows that.. it looks pretty good on my computer.

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